District Profile

Kumuram Bheem District is carved out of erstwhile Adilabad District. It is surrounded by Adilabad, Mancherial, Nirmal districts and the Maharashtra state. Kumuram Bheem is being renamed as Komaram Bheem district after the legendary Gond martyr who was born in Ravte Sankepalli village near Kumuram Bheem.

Kumuram Bheem comprises 15 mandals and has two revenue divisions – Kumuram Bheem and Kaghaznagar. The district headquarter is located at Kumuram Bheem, a predominantly tribal town.

The railway line that connects the south and the north of India passes through Kumuram Bheem district. Sirpur-Kaghaznagar is a major railway station in the district. It has one RTC depot at Kumuram Bheem.

The district’s primary crops include rice, cotton and pulses. Singareni Collieries, Sirpur Paper Mills, many spinning and ginning mills form the industrial profile of the district.

Historically, the district had a glorious past. Kumuram Bheem was an important part in the scheme of things of its erstwhile rulers. Fossils of the pre-historic period excavated in and around Kumuram Bheem attach archeological importance to this place. Vatti Vaagu project, Gangapur Cave, Movvad village are some of the tourist attractions. Vatti Vagu project is a medium Irrigation project being constructed across Vatt Vaagu, a tributary of Pedda Vaagu which is in turn a tributary of Pranahita river in Godavari basin.


  • Revenue Division : 2
  • Revenue Mandals : 15
  • Revenue Villages : 436
  • Geographical area : 4367.25 Sq. Kms

History:Kumram Bheem (22 October 1901 – 8 October 1940) was a tribal leader who fought for the rights of tribals over jal (water), jungle (forest) and zameen (land).

* Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao announced that Adilabad district will be bifurcated and the new district will be named after tribal leader Kumram Bheem. Addressing a public meeting on the occasion of the 74th death anniversary of Kumram Bheem at Jodeghat in the district, KCR said the hillock in the village, where the leader died fighting the Nizam’s forces, will be developed into a tourist spot. He said the government will build a memorial at a cost of Rs 25 crore on 100 acres. The memorial will be ready within a year.

2. Tourist places

  • Ganagapur Temple in Rebbena Mandal.
  • Jodeghat village in Kerameri Mandal .
  • Sapthagunda Water Falls in Sirpur- U Mandal .
  • Pittaguda Water Falls, Mitte Water falls in Lingapur Mandal.
  • Sri Kumram Bheem Project, Ada, Kumuram Bheem Mandal.
  • Vattivagu Project, Chirrakunta, Kumuram Bheem Mandal.
  • Samithulagundam waterfalls, Movad, Kumuram Bheem Mandal .
  • Tonkini Temple at Sirpur-T mandal.