About District

Kumuram Bheem, a tribal activist who fought against the Nizam by accusing Jal..jungle..zameen.

Along with Kumuram Bheem, many other warriors were born in this area. Once upon a time, this town was the district headquarters. For the first time since the formation of Telangana as a separate state in 2014, on October 11, 2016, the government re-established itself as the headquarters of the district administration in reorganizing new districts, revenue divisions and zones. The administrative headquarters of the district is Asifabad.

Mandals of the District

  1. Asifabad Mandal
  2. Kerameri Mandal
  3. Rebbena Mandal
  4. Tiryani Mandal
  5. Wankidi Mandal
  6. Jainoor Mandal
  7. Sirpur-U Mandal
  8. Lingapur Mandal
  9. Kagazngar Mandal
  10. Bejjur Mandal
  11. Sirpur-T Mandal
  12. Koutala Mandal
  13. Dahegaon Mandal
  14. Chintalamanepalli Mandal
  15. Penchikalpet Mandal