Mitta Waterfalls

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In terms of pristine natural beauty, the Saptagundala waterfalls in Pittalaguda village of Lingalapur mandal surpasses the other waterfalls of Telangana—Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls. In fact, it comprises not just one but seven waterfalls, hence the name Saptagundala. The waterfall, which is 100 km away from Asifabad, is nestled between tall hills on one side and dense forests on the other, the Saptagundala waterfalls also known as Mitta waterfalls is tucked far away from civilisation.There are no proper roads to reach the nature’s beauty.

One has to trek rough and uneven terrain for a distance of three kilometres to reach the spot.A tourist from Jainoor, Ravinder, said that the difficulties encountered in reaching the natural beauty by trekking will soon be forgotten upon seeing nature’s splendour. Of the seven, the most important waterfalls is Pedda Jalapatam. It appears as though the skies have opened up leading to majestic descent of a huge stream of milk.

A wave of relaxation sweeps through the people’s minds once they watch the waterfall’s magic.The rhythmic sound of the waterfalls is sonorous to the ears of the tourists, who are overwhelmed with its beauty, take shower under it.People forget their worries and indulge in capturing the nature’s beauty with their cameras if not a selfie or two.

The waterfall descends gracefully from a height on the stone slabs below. The water gets emptied into a valley which is at least 100 metres below. The natural stone slabs remind us of ancient stepwells of past rulers. A stream runs swiftly from the landing point of the water from a great height.

Some of the seven waterfalls have been named after Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Bheema. Idol of Bheema was located at the place. Annually, tribals celebrate two fairs in reverence to their deity Bheema. They believe that Bheema went around the place and hence believe that the stone slabs carry foot impressions of the deity.

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  • Mitta Waterfall
    Mitta Waterfall
  • Mitta Waterfall
    Mitta Waterfall
  • Mitta Waterfall
    Mitta Waterfall

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport Hyderabad, Nagpur

By Train

Nearest Railway Station Asifabad Road, Sirpur Kagaznagar.

By Road

Mitta Waterfall is located 100 kms from the Asifabad.